Contract on Amu Darya Oil Enjoys Highest Degree of Transparency and Fairness: US and UK Ambassadors in Meeting with President Karzai

UK and US

June 23, 2012 - President Hamid Karzai held a meeting with the Ambassadors of the United States and United Kingdom for clarification on the recent reports published in some western media that alleged bias and improper interference to have occurred in the process of awarding the Amo Darya Oil contract signed between Afghanistan and Chinese National Petroleum Company.

In the meeting also attended by the Mining Minister Shahrani, the US and UK ambassadors confirmed the transparency and fairness exercised in the Amu Darya Oil Tender and affirmed that the tender process enjoyed the audit throughout by their experts.

They agreed that the contract was signed between Afghanistan and Chinese National Petroleum Company in accordance with Afghan laws and international best practices and thus they confirm its highest degree of transparency and fairness.

After the approval of the cabinet of the Government of Afghanistan, the Amu Darya Oil tender was awarded to the CNPCIW on December 2011 through an international bidding process overseen by highly distinguished and recognized international legal firms. 

Also in the meeting, the President briefed and sought the cooperation of the Ambassadors on the government’s solid determination to fight corruption.