President Karzai Inaugurates King Timur Shah Durrani Mausoleum

Termor shahi

October 19, 2012- President Hamid Karzai and his Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan inaugurated King Timur Shah Durrani Mausoleum which was recently rehabilitated, in a ceremony attended by Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Rahin Minister of Information & Culture and Eng. Mohammad Younus Nawandish Mayor of Kabul city.

Upon arrival of President Karzai and Prince Aga Khan at the site, Mr. Maiwandi an In-charge Officer briefed them on the project.

The Mausoleum was severely damaged during years of war and turned into a gathering site for drug addicts in recent years, rehabilitation of which has been initiated in 2002 by the Ministry of Information & Culture with support of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF). 

Delivering his remarks at the opening ceremony, the President said, “King Timur Shah who founded Kabul city as the Capital of Afghanistan and preserved his empire during his lifetime was one of the great personalities in the history of our country.”

President Karzai said that he is happy to commemorate King Timur Shah because of the inauguration ceremony and thanked his Highness Prince Aga Khan for the support he provided in rehabilitation of King Timur Shah Durrani Mausoleum, Babur Garden, Ikhtyaruddin Castle in Heart, and implementation of other educational, cultural and health projects in the country.

Describing the Mausoleum as one of the well-known historical monuments in the Capital of Afghanistan, Dr Sayed Makhdoom Rahin Minister of Information & Culture then noted, “Efforts were made in the rehabilitation of the monument to preserve both the originality of the architecture of Timurids dynasty’s reign and architectural features of Kabul city and Mausoleum of Great King Ahmad Shah Baba.

Subsequently, his Highness Prince Aga Khan thanked the Government of Afghanistan on paving the grounds for rehabilitation of King Timur Shah Mausoleum and expressed happiness that the AKF is contributing to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, particularly rehabilitation of cultural monuments.

The Prince also thanked the US, Britain, Germany and Norway that have helped the Foundation in rehabilitating King Timur Shah Durrani Mausoleum.