Fact-finding Delegation Reports to President Karzai on UN Torture Allegations

February 10, 2013- The fact-finding delegation presented on Sunday its investigation report to President Hamid Karzai on torture & abuse claims of UN report.

Following the release of UN report on torture and abuse in prisons of Afghanistan, the delegation assigned by a presidential decree and led by Abdul Qader Adalatkhwah Deputy Director of the Constitutional Oversight Commission probed into allegations of torture, abuse and ill-treatment in detention facilities, custody centers and prisons of Kabul, Kandahar and Hirat provinces.

Submitted its report to the President on Sunday evening, the panel criticizes that UNAMA office has not helped in delivering to the team a list of the torture victims and the perpetrators.

The delegation also reported several cases of abuse, harassment and occasional torture, stating that many of those violations have occurred amid arrests made by foreign and national security forces.

According to the assessment, half of the detainees who have been interviewed during the investigation complained of harassment and abuse in their prisons and even of torture amid their arrests. Lack of lawyers in the course of arrests and within subsequent phases was another problem that the panel has referred to in their report.

11 recommendations were proposed by the delegation for prevention of such violations, which would be further scrutinized in a judicial meeting scheduled to be chaired by the President next Wednesday.

The delegation would share all their findings in details with the media and the people through a press conference.