President Karzai Summons Gen. Joseph Dunford for Explanation on Shigal Bombing

February 14, 2013 - President Hamid Karzai summoned on Thursday Gen. Dunford for explanation on the NATO’s Wednesday bombing in Shigal district in the province of Kunar.

On the tragic bombing in which ten civilians were killed, Gen. Dunford explained that they were conducting a partnered operation against members of Al-qaeda when they called in air support. He said they are investigating the incident.

Pointing to a commitment Gen. Allen had previously made not to conduct any air strike or bombing in residential areas, President Karzai reminded that such incidents must strictly be avoided in future and any recurrence is not acceptable.

Gen. Dunford expressed regrets over the Wednesday incident resulting in civilian casualties and pledged that as per the previous commitment, NATO will, from now on, avoid carrying out operations and bombings in residential areas.