President Karzai Assigns Delegation to Merge All Armed Units outside Government Structure into Afghan Security Institutions

February 28, 2013 - President Hamid Karzai has issued an executive order assigning a delegation tasked to bar operation by any armed grouping or units outside the formal government security structures and to completely merge them into government security institutions.

The delegation chaired by National Security Advisor Dr. Spanta shall be responsible to identify and merge into government structures all those armed units and groups run and operated by international coalition forces as local security units.

The delegation will be responsible to demand from the international coalition to handover all such armed groupings to Afghan security institutions within three months.

The delegation is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Defense, the Interior, the National Directorate of Security and the Independent Directorate of Local Governance. Maj. Gen. Afzal Aman, DG Operations, Ministry of Defense, Gen. Mohammad Daud DG Operations, Ministry of Interior, Gen. Mohammad Yasin Zia, Deputy Director General for NDS and Mir Abu Muslim Sediqi, advisor for the IDLG.