President Karzai: New president’s Inauguration Date not Extendable

President Hamid Karzai met Saturday afternoon with the UN Secretary General’s special envoy in Afghanistan, Jan Kubis.

In the meeting, Jan Kubis updated the president on the ongoing audit process and said that they have asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to further accelerate the process.

The President stressed that the Afghan government has made all necessary arrangements to hold the swearing-in ceremony for the new President and the inauguration ceremony must be held within the agreed timeline - the 2nd of Sep 2014.

The President also added that the agreed timeline is not extendable.

It is worth mentioning that 2nd of August was the scheduled date for the ceremony, but was later postponed by one month on the request of the UN Special Envoy and the two presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, the President in a meeting with the US ambassador in Kabul on Thursday stressed that now that the UN and other foreigners are involved in the process, it is their responsibility to conclude the process at the soonest so the grounds can be paved for the new president to inaugurate on September the 2nd.”

The President also said, “Delay in audit process has left negative impacts on economy and security in the country.” The President added that the agreed timeline for the new President to take oath of office is not extendable.