Transcript of interview by President Hamid Karzai with Pakistani Geo TV


21 October, 2011

Arg.Kabul, Afghanistan


Geo TV Reporter:

Once again, thank you very much President Hamid Karzai for giving this opportunity to GEO TV, through which you will be able to express your views to Pakistani Nation and to the world.

Dear viewers, before starting our interview, I would like to tell you that President Hamid Karzai is fluent in English, Pashto and Farsi and  Mashallah can also read, write and understand Urdu. However, as he feels comfortable, he prefers to respond in English and I will ask in Urdu.


Mr. President, now a days, we in Pakistan are troubled by the changeable behavior between Peoples Party and MQM relations, one day they are friends and next day they are enemy.

Likewise, we too are disturbed by Pakistan and Afghanistan relations that change now and then. We witness that one day you are expressing affection and creating commissions to work and next day blaming one another.  So, what do you expect us to make of this relationship? friendship? Enmity? Love or hate? , what kind of relationship is it between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


President Hamid Karzai:My brother, Welcome to Afghanistan!  Asalam Alaikum to the people of Pakistan, our brothers and sisters in Pakistan! 

Afghanistanand Pakistan have had relations, most of the time in an environment of suspicion, distrust since the creation of Pakistan almost sixty four years ago and unfortunately this relationship has affected the livelihood of both countries and the orientation of both countries towards the region and their own relations. In the past ten years, since the establishment of the new government under my leadership in Afghanistan, especially from 2006 and 2007 onwards, no Afghan government, no Afghan president, no Afghan authority has tried as sincerely, as earnestly with dedication and pursuit as I have and that I have.

 The proposal of Afghanistan-Pakistan Peace Jirga was my proposal; the establishment of the commissions, the pursuit of the peace talks, the numerous visits that I have had, the numerous speeches that I have had on various occasions in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and elsewhere were all directed at this purpose, the purpose of extremely friendly and brotherly relations between the two countries and the removal of irritance, of gray areas, of distrust, replacing it with a fundamentally strong relationship where the two countries  (inaudible)  and the future generations ask for it, why it doesn’t come about?  I can tell you from my side that the Afghan people desired it and the Afghan people have worked for it. What are the impediments to this? Why can’t we reach it? Will be answered during the interview as we  move ahead.


Your demands were met, your proposal for a joint commission was accepted by Pakistan and participated in it. It was here in the Palace, where Pakistan Prime minister, Army chief, DG ISI and everyone else came to you and paid a visit and it was then when the proposal for the joint commission was agreed. But you still made accusations against Pakistan, while they in Pakistan claim things went wrong from your side.  Why didn’t you wait before things went wrong? 

President Karzai:

We have not made any accusations; we have not disrupted the process.  This year, 2011, has been a very unfortunate year for Afghanistan and also for Pakistan. Both countries are suffering for a number of years now. From terrorism, from extremism, from extreme violence perpetrated  against our peoples, from suicide bombs , from insults to our religion, bombs in mosques, bombs in weddings, bombs in Eid, bombs on prayers, bombs in homes, bombs in a turban, bombs in any other form that one can imagine.  Where are these bombers coming from?  Who is training these people?  Who is financing these people?  Do these bombers come from the United States?  Do these bombers come from France or from Bahrain, or from some other part of the world? Or Are these bombers and these forces of destruction are raised from within our own society? If we agree and I am sure, we do, that these perpetrators of violence and hatred, inimical to Islam and to humanity are raised and nurtured in this region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Who do we blame for it? Some hidden hands from outside? That’s our failure, if that is so the case that is our failure. Or do we look around and find out as to why? Afghanistan has been seeking this for a long time, in spite of the perpetration against Afghanistan and Pakistan and with the view and with the recognition that from 2007 onwards, Pakistan itself became a victim of these bombs. Very seriously, unfortunately damaged victims of these bombs. I recognize that it was time now to sit down with Pakistan and to find a way among ourselves and between ourselves.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Reporter: Sir, do you believe that they are coming from Pakistan?

President Karzai: I am not saying that.  I am coming to that point. And we try to answer these questions. We spoke to our Pakistani brothers that it was time; if there are sanctuaries and we know that there are sanctuaries, if there are training rounds and we know there are training rounds, if the Taliban structures are in Pakistan and we know they are in Pakistan. Then let us help it together, because they are hurting we two as Muslims, as full blood brothers, let us stop it. Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani was martyred who was seeking extreme brotherhood and friendship with Pakistan and I am witness to that. In our meetings with Prime Minister Gilani , Chief of Army Mr. Keyani and Mrs. Hena Rabbani the Foreign Minister; President Rabbani told Pakistani brothers and sisters that we are here in Pakistan ,seeking peace and the removal  of extremism and the sources to it, not only for peace and stability of Afghanistan but also because of the dangers that Pakistan is now facing and we don’t  want these dangers to come to you.  As long as we fail to come to the truth of the matter and as long as we allow extremism to be used either by us or by others.

Geo Reporter: Who killed Prof. Rabbani?

President Karzai: He was killed by someone who came in the name of peace from Quetta Shura, from Pakistan. He was killed by someone who came to us , bringing a message for peace but who turned to be a suicide bomber. I heard the tape that was supposedly coming from Taliban Quetta Shura,  in which someone called Mawlavi  Enayatullah spoke, in that tape Mawlavi Enayatullah addressed the peace council of Afghanistan and President Rabbani  in most respectful terms. In we in our quest and in our desire for peace went to blindly receive this man, having killed President Rabbani.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Reporter: Does Rabbani’s martyrdom do Pakistan good or damage?  

President : Serious damage to Pakistan. Serious loss to Pakistan. Sure, and that’s why we want Pakistan to help us find out the perpetrators and those who did it.


Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Reporter::  Pakistan offers its cooperation regarding the investigation of his murder.

President Karzai:  Nothing in practice, we are still waiting for Pakistan to respond to us, we are still waiting for Pakistan to invite our delegation to visit Pakistan to investigate the matter.


Geo Reporter: It is an issue of a common sense , if this is a loss for Pakistan, as you yourself stated, that Professor Rabbani was desirous of better relations with Pakistan, then  how can Pakistan be part of this assassination?  Your government blames Pakistan for this, then does this means Pakistani government will do itself a harm?

President Karzai: Some authorities of Afghanistan did blame Pakistan but the Afghan State has not done that, the Afghan State, the Afghan Government as a government entity has asked Pakistan to help the investigations, to investigate the matter in Pakistan, in Quetta. We have some names, we have some addresses, we have some individuals on our list, and that we have given to our brothers in Pakistan.  That should be investigated.  But the whole question of peace, we know the Taliban Council is in Pakistan, we know the Haqqani group is in Pakistan, we know the former link to these groups by the Pakistanis and the western countries that are now fighting them. And we know the current things as well therefore for us it is no longer possible to talk to a group of people who have no address, whose address is a suicide bomber and we also know that they have their headquarters in Pakistan, that they act from there, that they are financed there and that’s why we have now said more clearly, rather than talking to a nameless  and addressless Talib, we want to  talk to our brothers in Pakistan directly.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) You said that your state or your government didn’t blame Pakistan, while your Ministry of Interior, your Intelligence department spokesman DID blame Pakistan.  Are these not part of your government? Or isn’t that your policy. And if so, what action has been taken against them?


President Karzai: Not a question of policy, it is a question of factual information. They provided factual information and the factual information is that these people came from Quetta, so Quetta is where? Quetta is in Pakistan. Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province and there is an army headquarter there , there is an ISI headquarter there , there is a governor there , there is a Chief Minister there; we want  Pakistan to investigate this.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) If he came from Quetta  and stayed in Kabul, but you were aware of this and commissions members were on board,  Intelligence and all these people had knowledge of him, it was government official who took him for meeting with Rabbani. Now looking at all this, isn’t Afghan government responsible?


President Karzai: We have our own shortcomings. We should have investigated better. We should have searched the man better. We should have suspected  his wide cap or hat, we should have looked into that. Those are our shortcomings. But the man ,the suicide bomber came  from Quetta. He was trained in Quetta. He was given the materials in Quetta. He was told in Quetta to do the assassination of President Rabbani.  I am not going todwell into this matter. The fact of the matter is that Afghanistan and Pakistan will not see a better peaceful day, unless Pakistan decides to cut links to extremism, to cut links to the Taliban and to have a civilized relationship with Afghanistan ,where  both countries benefit.  

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Mr. President, If Taliban come from Quetta or Pakistan for operation here, in Pakistan, the GHQ was attacked and Government officials were attacked , then where are they coming from to carry out attacks in Pakistan? Or does this imply that Pakistani government and Pakistani army are nurturing their own enemies?


President Karzai: What is the Frank Einstein  theory?  These people were originally trained in Pakistan, used by the Pakistani State as an instrument of policy. We all know that. Of course, the Western countries did help them in all of this during the years of our Jehad against the Soviet.  In subsequent, in the form of the Taliban, now that Pakistan is suffering as well, unfortunately from this violent method , from violence, from terrorism, has become a reason for us to seek solutions  together.  Why? As I  said earlier, when I learned that Pakistan was a victim as well, I changed my language towards Pakistan, I changed my approach towards Pakistan and I tried to embrace Pakistan and I tried to be friends with Pakistan, and I tried to do together all that we can to end this cycle of violence and perpetrators by helping one another.  This did not materialize.  It should be all the more reason by helping one another. It should be all the more reason for both the countries to sit down, look in each other’s eyes, and see the future in a way different than extremism, or terrorism and fight it together, bring our people a better life.  

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Pakistani establishment has its excuses, hundreds of thousands Afghan refugees are living here, their families are here, among them someone might be Taliban, someone loyal to President Hamid Karzai. they are saying even some Government ministers and governors have Pakistani ID Cards and things like this, they are suggesting that either you take all Afghan refugees back home and we will tighten  the border.  However, Afghan Government does not accepts this, and even is upset when we take action against refugees. So as long as Afghan refugees are over there, ministers and advisors families are moving in and out, and so will the Taliban?

President Karzai: That’s no excuse for extremism. That’s no excuse for allowing extremism or supporting extremism. Those who attacked the GHQ, Who are they?  Those who attacked the Sri Lankan Cricket Team in Lahore, Who are they? Those who attacked the innocent shoppers in Lahore, who are they?  Those who attacked the Karachi Naval base and destroyed Pakistan’s aircraft, who are they? Those who kill pilgrims seeking Quetta, who are they? Those who kill people in the mosque in Pakhtunkhwa, who are they? Those who do the killings in Karachi, who are they?

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) The Pakistani forces are fighting these people.

President Karzai: No, I am coming to that point. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan who came and attacked the American PRT in Panjshir last week. Where did they come from? Did they come from Uzbekistan? Or did they come from Miramshah, or Wana or another place? These are all questions that we can only address if we are sincere, if we find  out that life can be better and the objectives that you seek can be achieved without the use of extremism. If Pakistan is doing all of this in order to have strategic depth in Afghanistan, it will never happen. More missiles will fall on both countries, more destruction will occur in both countries. But for Pakistan that wants a strategic depth in Afghanistan. A friendly Afghanistan, an economically viable Afghanistan, a brotherly Afghanistan, an Afghanistan of massive movement of trade between us, between the countries and with the rest of the world is the best area of depth for Pakistan. That is what we are seeking.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Ok, President, Kunduz is a Northern Province, Taliban’s  concentration are on the rise there, even at certain central provinces Taliban are having presence,  so if they determine there presence in these areas and occupy districts with your government and NATO forces not able to block their way , where are THESE Taliban coming from? One more thing, if they come out from wazirestan , reaches Kabul , covering Hundreds of Kilometers of distance , your Government, Nato forces exists  with High technology , why they can’t be stopped?


President Karzai: We have our own failures, no doubt. NATO has failed in Afghanistan to provide security to the Afghan people , no doubt. That is a different subject. We are not talking about the failures of NATO in  Afghanistan for providing security to the Afghan people. We are not talking about the failures of the Afghan government in providing security to the Afghan people.  We are talking of a danger that is threatening Pakistan and Afghanistan. And that danger is the growth of militant extremism and radicalism. The growth is taking place in Pakistan, the sanctuary is in Pakistan. The application of this force, this radical, extremist, terrorist force was used as a policy, as a method, as an instrument by our brothers in Pakistan. We are seeking that to stop so both can have time to address the consequences of it, as they occur in both countries. I am talking of extremism as it is originated in Pakistan, as it is developed, promoted and supported in Pakistan. As it is affecting both of us. That has to be cut short.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Maybe the Haqqani network is there in Pakistan.

President Karzai: Not maybe, it is there.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) If it is there.

President Karzai: Yes, it does exist there.     

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Ok President, it is all right, the  person came to kill President Rabani come from Quetta , If Haqani Network  is in Pakistan, has any evidence been provided to Pakistan, that Seraj-u-alden Haqani  and Jalal-u-den haqani are here?  Pakistan officials too are saying that Bharamdas Bhogte set down here, Bloch comps exist there, Molana Fazlullah is there?


President Karzai: Yes, the presence of any element hostile to Pakistan in Afghanistan. I have been frank and open about it with my brothers in Pakistan, is the consequence of this cloud and smoke that is created in both countries by terrorism and by the war on terrorism. For as long as whoever, Afghanistan or Pakistan would use extremism as a method, no doubt that country will have an excuse and reason in operational environment to create the same. And those who will use this environment  either against us or against Pakistan, will  have the opportunity to do it, because we have violated borders , because we have created smoke screen , because we have created  a gray area in which any element hostile to Pakistan , can use that environment  to perpetrate any violence against Pakistan , as also against Afghanistan. This is one more reason why, Pakistan and Afghanistan should work together to remove extremism from our midst. By whatever means that we can.  In other words, that Pakistan should now fully realize , fully realize , let me repeat. Since the establishment of Pakistan, I don’t mean our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, the people, I mean the establishment of Pakistan, the people should fully realize extremism, militant radicalism is like a snake , there is no way that it will not come back to hurt you, to poison you.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) The artillery that NATO forces are using against Taliban, more than 80 % if its supplies routs through Pakistan, Pakistan shares intelligence with them, Pakistan captured numbers of Taliban leaders, captured number of Al-Qaida leaders handed them over to America, Abdul Salam Zayef was captured and handed over to Americans, then they released him, Dr.Gairat Baheer … and like many other people. Gave sacrifices of around 30-40 thousand of people, so then in such a situation can Taliban trust Pakistan?

President Karzai: Ghairat Baheer was an innocent man who was arrested wrongly by Pakistan. Mullah Zaif was the Taliban’s ambassador in Pakistan, arrested wrongly by Pakistan. The arrest of people even if they are guilty does not end the problem. What we are talking. We are not enthusiast in the arrest of Mullah Omar. We want the use of extremism to stop as an instrument of policy, we want the use of violent methods of destruction to stop as an instrument of policy because this instrument is no longer useful to Pakistan.  Because this instrument is now undermining  the very stability and existence of Pakistan. This is a call from a brother  to another brother. That your survival , your very existence is in danger because of this violent element that you have used and applied.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) what are your specific demands from Pakistan, and what is your wish list? The joint commission that was created would continue, in that regards what is your wish?


President Karzai: Well,  the Joint Commission is a good idea, as long as it is useful. What we are now seeking from Pakistan is we should sit together and talk substances that there should be no violence in  Afghanistan , that there should be no suicide bombs in  Afghanistan and if Pakistan fulfills that and if still something happens, and we know who did it. That we will together go and act , whether it is  in  Pakistan or in Afghanistan. In other words, if Pakistan acts with in sincerity with us, towards ending extremism, no power in the world will be able to bring division between us, to bring distrust between us or to separate us, we will be a very strong, united twin brotherly entity and that the people are seeking.  

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) you did Pakistan a favor by not making any public for the past two years?


President Karzai: It is not a question of “bayan” (words or assertion), it is efforts, I have done my utmost against all odds, I have stood against the West, I have stood against the Americans, I have stood against all odds to do my best, to be friend with Pakistan  and to be in the best of relations with Pakistan and to do all we can together, to bring a solution to the misery that is hurting us.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) If you were in friendship with Pakistan during last two years, and going friend with Pakistan, while the west was being annoyed of your friendship with Pakistan?

President Karzai: We had issues on these questions. Sometimes, there were differences of opinion between us , the NATO and the West on these issues, but we ignored that and we continued to have our efforts with Pakistan  and will continue that for all the needs that it has, for all these foreign forces’ presence in Afghanistan, thousands of them, for all the destruction of the past thirty years. Afghanistan is an independent country. We have a different character here, you know that. In spite of all the needs, the Americans pay our salaries but when it comes to the Afghan interest and the interest of the Muslims and the interest of the region and the interest of specially Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Iran and our neighbors; Afghanistan acts independently and has acted independently . It has not been given an appropriate response from our brothers in Pakistan. We believe that you are a lot more considerate of the demands of America in Pakistan, your establishment than we are in  Afghanistan and that is something that you have to address there.


Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) But Pakistan Also says that our problems are never addressed by Afghan government, they are saying Pakistan get attacked from Kunner and Nurestan, they are coming in hundreds, but afghan government never took action against them ?

President Karzai: I told you so. This is the consequence of this fog; this is the consequence of this confusion. Anybody can use one of our own against us and who should stop this? us, Pakistan and Afghanistan together. When that happens, nobody will be able to use either Afghanistan against Pakistan or Pakistan against Afghanistan, if it is an external entity, if it is the two of us, trying to hurt one another , then it is sad and shameful and that’s what I am  trying to bring to an end.  

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu)we Pakistani are sensitive when it comes to India, Pakistan says look Taliban were our assets , but now we became enemy to them, the war came into our country, 30 to 40 thousand people  are sacrificed, we provide supply route.  With who we were sensitive, with who we have enmity for so many years, and with who we have been in trouble, it was Hamid Karzai who left us and went to India , signs strategic agreement , looking at this, are not our concerns and grievances justified?


President Karzai: No, not at all. We did not leave Pakistan and will not leave it. Pakistan is a neighbor of Afghanistan. We have more than 2000 km border , we have ethnic links , we have cultural links, we have historical links. We have to live together in happiness , in prosperity and in peace.  The question of India, India is a major economic power , a major educational power, not only for this part of the world but for whole of the world. India is our neighbor, a neighbor of Pakistan and a close neighbor of Afghanistan. India is giving us 2000 scholarships a year. India has given us2 billions $. And each dollar of that money has been spent extremely effectively and properly for the benefit of the Afghan people.  Afghanistan’s relations with India are directed at Afghanistan’s benefiting from the growth of India, from the opportunities that India offers, from the expertise that India offers, it is not directed at Pakistan. And the Indian leaders , I can tell you with trust, as far as Pakistan is concerned. They have no intention at all to use Afghanistan in any way against Pakistan. Rather, at all the time from Indian leaders, is their desire for normal and friendly relations with Pakistan because it is an expanding economy and Pakistan is also  a major Islamic country. So now, please remove this misunderstanding. Now if Pakistan thinks or establishment in Pakistan thinks that Afghanistan should have no relations with anybody but through Pakistan. That is a dream. It will not come true. Afghanistan is an independent country. Pakistan is an independent country. Pakistan is trying to have a most favorite nation’s trade relations with India. Why are you trying to have that relation with India? if that is a bad thing. Why do you try that? Why do you have Aman ke Asha with India, the Jang group Aman ke Asha? Why do you have all those conversations with India? Why is your foreign Minister visiting India? Why is your Prime Minister visiting India? You give yourself the right to have trade with India, you give yourself the right to have a most favorite nation’s relations with India and you have given yourself the right to have the Aman ke Asha Exercise with India. And you expect Afghanistan not to have an education relation with India. That’s not fair.


Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) We have no objection on all of these, but rather happy, when Pakistani army receives trainings that are anti-india , and likewise Indian army are trained anti-Pakistan, the point of concern is that if NATO, Americans and all of those can train your army , and you having your army trained by India,  and even Pakistan offering you from years to train Afghan army with our language and culture the same , Pakistani Army may train them in better, the root of concern  is that you do not give this opportunity to Pakistan but rather made agreement with India?


President Karzai: Yes, there is a reason. The Soviet Union was our neighbor and a very friendly neighbor. We trained our forces in the Soviet Union. And some of them became a tool in the hands of the Soviet Union to use against Afghanistan. So no country should be under the circumstance that Afghanistan was. Having the first choice of training in a neighbor, one.  Second, with regard to Pakistan, maybe we will remove this rule, maybe we will remove this consideration, maybe we will send our troops, our soldiers, our officers to Pakistan for training. But Pakistan and Afghanistan must first address a fundamental problem that is affecting relations between the two countries. That is the question of terrorism.  How can we send an officer to be trained in Pakistan, if we also think that a suicide bomber is coming from Pakistan? When we are sure, there is no more that negative element arriving from Pakistan towards Afghanistan, when we are sure that our relations are civilized, friendly, futuristic and based on respect and a look towards the future. We will definitely consider sending our soldiers to Pakistan, our police to Pakistan for training, our doctors to Pakistan  for training. It will be a very glorious relationship once that fundamental   is resolved.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu)But twin brothers rights come first, and then friend’s; firstly you give chance to friend rather than twin brother.


President Karzai: yes, but the twin brother must make sure that the other twin brother is not bleeding with a secret knife with the hands of the other twin. That must be first resolved and then this twin brotherhood will be a very fundamental strength added.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Ok, President, this twin brother has another grievance as well, that we have supported our brothers in their difficult times, we were standing alongside Afghanistan against Soviet Union, and we consider their concerns as ours. Even now, many of our brothers live in Pakistan.

But, when we were in difficulty, Americans warned us, a situation of war-like created, at this difficult time our twin brother stood with our enemies, some people says that even you have moved army toward the border?.

President Karzai: (begins in Urdu and continues in English) God forbid. If a war ever breaks between Pakistan and America, we will side Pakistan. As Pakistan lodged us, as Pakistan considered us brothers and gave us home, and we were living as refugees with honor and dignity. We too will treat them as brothers. If Pakistan is attacked, and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan would stand with you, Afghanistan is your brother. Against all that Pakistani establishment has done to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is still a brother. Afghanistan will never forget the welcome, the hospitality, the respect and the brotherhood showed by the Pakistani people towards Afghan people. We were five million refugees there. We will never forget that.

President Karzai: Anybody that attacks Pakistan, Afghanistan will stand with Pakistan. Afghanistan will be  a brother of Pakistan. Afghanistan will never betray a brother. Now, our relations with India , our signing of strategic partnership with India, it did not happen at the spur of the moment. This is something that we have been working for years now. So the visit was not after these troubles that took place.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) It was a planned visit? 

President Karzai: It was planned long before, long, long before.  And with the United States, Pakistan’s tensions. This has not had  any impact on our attitude towards Pakistan. You know this, that we have had this engagement with Pakistan for a long time and if it comes to two brother relationship, you will find out that Afghanistan will be there with you in times of difficulties. And that is the pain that we have. Please, brother! Stop using all methods that hurt us and are now hurting you. Let’s engage from a different platform,  a platform in which the two brothers  only progress towards a better future, in peace and harmony. And Afghanistan will be with you. So, Afghanistan is not going to be dictated by anyway, by any country  ,US , India, or Russia, or China or whoever. Afghanistan has its own policy, its own stand and its own clear view on things. And from that point of view, and from that stand, is dealing with our brothers in Pakistan.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) American contacts are stronger than yours, as they could arrange to see Taib Agha, provided Visa, and directly negotiated with him why can you not do this?


President Karzai: With the Taliban, we will only talk when we know where they are. When we find an address for them, when we find a number that we can call, when we have a true representative sitting somewhere so that we recognize and talk to. Till that happens, we will be talking to our brothers in Pakistan, as the representatives of Taliban.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu)

President Karzai: That is exactly how it is right now.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu)

President Karzai: and I failed in that. I did not find my brother Mullah Omar. I found a suicide bomber. A suicide bomber found me.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu)

President Karzai: Well, that’s America’s business. I am not here to talk about what America is doing. I am here to talk about what Afghanistan is doing. And what Afghanistan demands of its brother in Pakistan.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) when will your and Pakistan’s joint commission meet?

President Karzai: I hope, there will be a good meeting between us and our Pakistani brothers in Istanbul, in Turkey which is a brotherly country for both of us, who has been kind and very concerned about both of us. So, I hope, we can break some ground there.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) ok , What do you think, since Afghanistan situation is getting worse day by day , you are complaining of only Pakistan, while Iran’s and American roles are also visible here  and Taliban are also of their sympathy? You have never taken even a name of any other neighbor? So they are completely innocent?

President Karzai:  The Taliban’s established base, established connections, established support is from Pakistan. Iran may have some links with them, but that’s not in any way as extensive, as important, as entrenched as that is in Pakistan.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) without addressing Al- Qaida issue, so all the problems will be solved?

President Karzai: Alqaeda is a question that we have talked so much about.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Are you confident of the approach of American strategy and Nato policies? Or you are only calling on Pakistan to change its behavior?

President Karzai: Well, you know our view towards NATO’s operations in Afghanistan. You know my view about the civilian casualties; you know our protests, our campaign against civilian casualties, and the way they behave with Afghanistan and that is one of the reasons, the negotiations on the strategic partnership are still carrying on. We have specific conditions for that partnership with America and with NATO, end night raids in Afghanistan. I don’t want any American soldier entering Afghans’ homes anymore when the partnership is signed, end having presence in Afghanistan, or taking prisoners in Afghanistan, and end parallel structures to the Afghan government, to the Afghan State, end private security firms and all other functions that causes an impediment to the Afghan government   and causes corruption, lawlessness and violations of the Afghan laws.

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) the most important Question now? Americans want bases after 2014, you are prepared for it or not? But Taliban wants their exit, can you assure Taliban through Pakistan or other means that the US will leave Afghanistan?

President Karzai: Well, this is a question that I have answered a minute ago. That we have conditions for our partnership with the United States, and for the bases that we are seeking in Afghanistan, or the areas where they want to continue their military presence. The conditions were what I just talked about. On the presence of the troops beyond 2014 and why they are here at all is a question that again comes to our brothers in Pakistan, and the environment in which Afghanistan found itself in the past thirty years and the consequence of that is we have today.

President Karzai: You are welcome to Afghanistan. Thank you!

Geo Reporter: ( In Urdu) Reporter: Thank you very much!