President Ghani Condoles with the Family of Shahid Farkhunda

President Ashraf Ghani met and condoled with Shahid Farkhunda’s family that included her father, mother, sister and brothers.

In the meeting also attended by the First Lady, the President said no words could explain the depth of the grief, but the government was firm in taking all actions needed to ensure justice.

The President stressed that any act that leads to atrocity, torture and public harassment stands in clear rejection of Islamic values and teachings.

President Ghani said such rebellion was in no way acceptable and the government was committed to providing a good living environment for all especially for women and girls.

The President said there is no question now that Farkhunda was innocent. It was proven and confirmed by the commission who investigated the incident.

The meeting was later joined by the commission members who in person reported on their findings to Farkhunda’s family and who also thanked the President for the government’s support.

Farkhunda’s parents spoke and said Farkhunda was the daughter of the nation and that Ulemma were not involved in the killing and we should make a distinction.

The meeting concluded by remarks from head of national council of Ulemma, Qiamuddin Kashaf, who described the killing as against Islam in all terms and said the whole nation shared the family’s grief and sorrow.

Mr. Kashaf thanked the President for his personal attention in following up the case.