Agreement Signed between Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan for Railway Construction and Energy Transfer

Trilatrl meeting

March 26, 2012- Afghan, Iran and Tajik Presidents signed an agreement for cooperation on railway construction, water supply and energy transfer Sunday evening in Dushanbe, the Capital of Tajikistan.

 The agreement signed by the Presidents of the three countries following a trilateral conference includes: in view of the rich potential capacities available in Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan, this agreement is signed by the three signatory parties with an aim to enhancing regional cooperation between the three countries.


The parties agreed in the document that a railway and energy transmission lines would be constructed from Iran to Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

 The leaders of the three countries concluded that a water pipeline be built in order to supply water from Tajikistan to Iran through Afghanistan.

It is also incorporated in the agreement that other interested countries could join these projects.

For implementation of the projects, a tripartite committee including representatives from all three countries should be established and its members would meet two months later in Tehran, the Capital of Iran.