Meeting on elections held to discuss future plans

Meeting on elections held to discuss future plans

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting on elections here in the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

The IEC officials and representatives of the donor community attended the meeting. The chairman of the IEC updated the participants about the measures taken by IEC. He said that technology will be used in the forthcoming elections.

Chairman Ahmadzai said that they had consulted different strata of the community, entities and political figures prior to announcement of the election date.

He stressed that no interference of any type will be allowed in the elections, saying, “Our objective is conduct of transparent elections which are acceptable to the people.” He also spoke of issues pertaining to budget.

President Ghani said, “Our main objective is to have transparent elections. The IEC has the authority to make any decision regarding schedule of elections.” He added, “Obstacles hindering conduct of elections are being assessed in order to take constructive actions in coordination with our international partners.”

Representatives from the donor community aired their opinions, welcoming the announcement of election date and expressing support of the process. They also emphasized timely and transparent conduct of elections.

Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that our decision of holding the elections is serious. He said, “We are moving forward with the schedule of elections, expecting our international partners to enhance their pledges of cooperation.”

Thanking the international partners, President Ghani said, “Different social layers should be consulted and the people should be kept informed of the activities and measures taken by IEC.” The president underscored holding of professional and continuous consultations.

President Ghani added that assistance from the international community, going through the accepted procurement procedures, should be transparently utilized. He asked the donor community to keep an overall watch over spending of their assistance.

On hiring people in the IEC, the President said that people should be hired through a transparent process.


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