Afghan government welcomes EU’s adopted conclusion to support the Afghan peace process

ARG—President Ashraf Ghani welcomes European Council’s adopted conclusion on the peace process while reaffirming its political and economic commitment to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The Afghan government has embarked on a series of endeavors lately to bring a dignified peace to Afghanistan, and EU has been a partner in peace and development all along. The adoption reestablished EU’s stand on the peace process that the Afghan government should own and lead the process. EU has also showed readiness to support Afghanistan attain a peace that not only preserves the political, social and economic gains of the past 18 years, but also empowers them.

EU has adopted to support the Afghanistan in following aspects of peacemaking in particular:

  • to help make the peace process inclusive;
  • to assist the Afghan government with reforms, including security sector reforms;
  • to act as a guarantor of the peace process, if the parties requested;
  • to assist with reintegration of fighters and their families and
  • to promote regional connectivity and trade

The Afghan government seeks an inclusive peace, as laid out in President Ghani’s roadmap for peace, and considers EU has a vital role to play in the process. On behalf of the Afghan nation, President Ghani thanks EU for its unwavering, long-term commitment to the Afghan people.