Press Release over the Taliban’s Statements on Afghan Presidential Elections

Taliban in a statement have threatened to target the Afghan public if they attend upcoming presidential elections.

As evidently enshrined in the Afghanistan Constitution, it is the legitimate and legal right of the people of Afghanistan to attend poll centers and directly elect their future leader.

Contrary to allegations of the Taliban, who are currently negotiating with the United States in Qatar, most of electoral budget is covered by the Government of Afghanistan and the process is fully managed by Afghans. Besides, the representatives of the Afghan people at the Lower House of the Parliament issued an enactment today and provided support for holding of elections in a timely manner.

Once again, the Government of Afghanistan asks all electoral entities and stakeholders to continue their regular activities to ensure holding of elections in a timely fashion.

Afghanistan National Defense and Security forces as the real sons of the country are fully prepared to protect their compatriots against such threats and will never allow anyone to prevent voters from casting their ballot and owning their future. Afghan Defense and Security forces are sternly instructed to thwart any attempt aiming at the disruption of this national and crucial process.

We want the Taliban who apparently chant for peace but at the same time intimidate the Afghan public to death on daily basis, to prove their peace-wanting voice in action and stop intimidating the public.

People of Afghanistan have constantly proved in the past that such threats posed by enemies of the country cannot stop them to take part in national and crucial processes of the country.

People of Afghanistan will attend the poll centers and cast their vote to directly elect their future leader and to disgrace enemies of their freedom.