Press Release over Terrorist Attack in Kabul

Presidential Palace, Kabul: The Taliban carried out a barbaric terrorist attack in a residential and non-military area last night that resulted in numerous casualties and injuries, most of them civilians.

President Ashraf Ghani vehemently condemned the attack and said, “The war protracted by the Taliban against our country and citizens is a crime against humanity.”

“The Taliban are only following orders of their patrons to destroy our country and harm our people,” said the president while describing the group as hirelings of foreign vicious circles whose leadership is based outside Afghanistan.

President Ghani praised the valor and heroism of the Afghan Defense and Security forces for repelling the enemies’ assaults at different parts of the country and said the Taliban resort to such cowardice acts of terror as they can never stand against our brave forces.

The president ordered the relevant authorities to spare no efforts to reach out to the victims of the incident and offered his deep sympathies to the families of the deceased and wished speedy recovery for the wounded.