Press Release on the recent remarks delivered by second deputy CEO Mohammad Mohaqiq in Tehran

Arg, Kabul: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has long been engaged in unwavering and solemn struggles against terrorist groups including Daesh (ISIS), having rendered unsurpassed and countless sacrifices.

The Afghan Government has always deterred increasing infiltration of the terrorist outfits, determinedly vitiating their malicious plans. Our valiant Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are at the first line of fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups with full might.

The remarks recently given by second deputy chief executive officer of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaqiq during a ceremony in Tehran stand in utter and absolute contradiction with the Afghan Foreign policy, national interests, stability, security and the enacted national laws, not representing the stand of the Afghan Government in any way, form or manifestation.

Such personal/individual views and opinions should never ever or under no circumstances culminate in cultivating dissension, disunity or contention among the Afghan nation. The Afghan Government is resolved on investigating these remarks with resolute firmness on the basis of national interests and enacted laws.

The Afghan Laws permit the Afghan citizenry to enter into military/armed services only and only under the framework of national sovereignty and the glorious national flag. It is in very explicit and unequivocal terms that the Afghan Government states that Afghanistan has never ever been engaged in any kind of proxies, nor will it allow anyone to turn our homeland into an anchor of proxies.

Acting on the basis of international laws, mutual understanding, and respect, the Afghan Government is determined to resolve the issue of its citizens who are enmeshed in the conflicts of other countries.

The National Unity Government has established productive state-to-state relations with its neighbors, countries in the region and world and has taken constructive actions to expand and strengthen these relations while being determined to continue bolstering up such ties in the future.