President Ghani meets the US State and Defense Secretaries in Munich

President Ghani meets the US State and Defense Secretaries in Munich

President Ashraf Ghani met yesterday evening with Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State and Mark Esper, the Secretary of Defense of the United States on the sideline of the 56th Munich Security Conference, while the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad and the Resolute Support Commander General Scott Miller were present as well.

In the meeting that was also attended by Amrullah Saleh, Asadullah Khalid and Harun Chakhansuri, the US Defense and State secretaries stressed that the US-Taliban deal that is likely to be finalized in upcoming weeks will be conditions-based.

They said all provisions of the deal are grounded on conditions and Taliban may tend to spread misleading information and propaganda, but the main point is they have agreed to renounce the violence and conflict, and embrac a pluralistic society.

The two sides discussed in details over certain mechanisms that can guarantee the dominance and supervision of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as owning the peace process.

Mike Pompeo said let the Taliban say whatever they want, and wherever they want, but the reality is they need to bid farewell to terrorism and Al-Qaeda and to halt fighting. He stressed the United States has been supporting the Afghan Defense and Security forces, is and will be supporting them.

The president is set to begin consultations with defense and security forces, various Afghan demographics, civil society and political strata to keep them informed of the developments and discuss the potential opportunities and possible risks ahead in the process.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the main inniator of the peace plan, extends gratitude to the government of the United States for the peace process and assures the Afghan people that the process will strengthen all civil and military institution. The government underscores that not only Afghanistan doesn’t return to the past, but the state and private sector capacities and right of the citizens will definitely be preserved.