Afghan and Kazakh Presidents emphasize expansion of bilateral cooperation

Afghan and Kazakh Presidents emphasize expansion of bilateral cooperation

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan A.  Nazarbayev on the sidelines of the OIC Summit on Science and Technology, Sunday morning, Astana.

Welcoming President Ghani to Astana, President Nazarbayev thanked President Ghani for attending the OIC Summit on Science and Technology.

President Ghani appreciated Kazakh president’s efforts which ushered in successful convening of the Summit. President Ghani remarked on President Nazarbayev’s speech which was delivered in the Summit, calling it all-embracing.

President Ghani said that Afghanistan and Kazakhstan have been blessed with good relations from time immemorial which should be further expanded. The two leaders also talked over increasing cooperation on Afghan-Kazakh transit.

President Nazarbayev proposed assigning of a joint delegation to look into ways of enhanced cooperation on the transit. He also said that the railway project stretching from Uzbekistan up to Kazakhstan and China should be fully and cooperatively carried out. 

President Nazarbayev remarked that the two countries have made significant advances in transit which will usher in fundamental region-wide changes. On bilateral educational ties, he commented that nourishing educational collaborations between the Afghan and Kazakh universities will act as a bridge between the two nations.

The Kazakh president welcomed U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and the region, terming it effective for the region particularly the current situation of Afghanistan.

President Ghani said that the new U.S. strategy marks out a suitable opportunity for Afghanistan and the region which should be effectively utilized. He said, “Building enduring peace is our top-priority. Afghanistan stands ready to initiate dialogues with Pakistan and Taliban.” 

President Ghani asked the Kazakh government to aid Afghanistan in repairing military apparatus. The Kazakh President agreed to assist Afghanistan in the mentioned field.

Also, the two leaders discussed different topics specifically regional security and the peace process.

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