President Trump’s new NSS is in line with our shared objectives against terrorism

Arg, Kabul: President Donald Trump’s new National Security Strategy (NSS) affirms the enduring U.S. – Afghanistan strategic partnership.

The NSS and the U.S. South Asia strategy are the cornerstones upon which our shared efforts to defeat terrorism and bring stability to Afghanistan are built.  Our partnership, which reflects a renewed U.S. commitment, will set the conditions to end the war and finally bringing peace to Afghanistan.

We welcome that the strategy aims to strengthen peace and stability in the region especially through diplomatic means.

The National Unity Government is committed to the principle of mutual respect and cooperation among states in the region. We have always worked and shall continue to do so for a peaceful region with increased connectivity for the shared economic development of our people in this region. To this end, we will continue to work with our neighbors close and far in the region.