Press Release condemning terror attack on worshippers in Kabul

Arg, Kabul: The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is saddened by a terror attack which targeted worshippers in Kabul.

Denouncing the cowardly attack, President Ghani said, “To achieve their inhumane goals, terrorists are left with no other option but to target innocent civilians and sacred locations, which runs counter to religious values and humanity.” 

The President stated, “The religious unity and solidarity of the Afghan people have been exemplary in the world, therefore the terrorists must clearly realize that their inhumane and anti-religious acts can never ever exert negative influence on our national unity and harmony. Our national unity is being solidified.” 

Our united Afghan nation unanimously supports the National Unity Government in its unflinching struggle of annihilating the terrorists. Their voice says, “No terrorist group will ever succeed in achieving their illegitimate and malignant goals through such acts of terror.” 

Our Muslim nation will peacefully hold the Ashura ceremonies in coordination with our ANDSF, not surrendering to a minor group of people who have manipulated the religion.   

President Ghani vehemently condemns the terror attack which left a number of our compatriots martyred and wounded. He wishes a high rank in Paradise to the martyred and speedy recovery to the wounded.

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