Press Release denouncing terror attack in Nangarhar

Arg, Kabul: Terrorists, who have always resorted to behaving inhumanly and irreligiously towards civilians, once again demonstrated their hatred towards our innocent people by carrying out a terror attack in the City of Jalalabad, leaving a number of our compatriots martyred and wounded. 

Such despicable and cowardly terror acts which run counter to all human and religious values and are stringently prohibited in all manifestations can never influence our firm will for the all-round development, peace, stability and prosperity of Afghanistan. With such terror attacks being perpetuated, terrorists only and only evoke the resentment and hatred of our people towards themselves.    

Condemning all these despicable attacks, President Ghani describes such acts as the ones standing in absolute contradiction to religious laws and human rights. The President prays of a high rank in paradise to the martyred and quick recovery to those who sustained injuries.