Press Release on latest terror attacks in London

Arg, Kabul: Today terrorism has assumed international dimensions, targeting innocent people and vitiating civil order through its criminal activities. Terrorists targeted our innocent civilians both in Kabul and London as a result of which a number of our compatriots were martyred and wounded.

Terrorist groups have broken geographic confines and have turned into an international threat to the entire humanity. People pay sacrifices for this grave phenomenon on a daily basis.

Afghanistan, being on the frontline against terrorism is committed to eradicating terror sanctuaries. We will continue our fight against terrorism till its demise.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan reiterates that it requires the international community to encourage constructive cooperation, collective efforts and convergence on uprooting terrorism and destroying terror sanctuaries. All countries should take practical actions without any distinction.

The Afghan Government has repeatedly underscored putting up an earnest fight against terrorism, once again calling on the world to take this opportunity and ramp up pressure on those using terrorism as an instrument and providing sanctuaries to the terrorists.

The governments and peoples of Afghanistan and UK have been affected by the latest terror attacks and share the sorrow.

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