Press Release

Arg, Kabul: The all-party Parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan led by Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq called on the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, subsequent to their meetings with the Afghan National Assembly, Thursday evening.

The National Unity Government welcomes the parliamentary delegation of Pakistan and sees such visits as a suitable opportunity for exchange of views and creation of an atmosphere where mutual understanding and trust is cultivated between the two nations. 

Encouraging better relations and mutual understanding between people of the two countries can add effectiveness and coordination to our efforts, aimed at addressing the challenges and problems and the threats emanating from terrorist operations which are directed at people of both countries.

The Afghan Government is hopeful that such visits will help establish an atmosphere of trust where previous distrust will peter out.

The National Unity Government welcomes the good will of parliamentary delegation of Pakistan on initiating cooperation between the two nations. Creating such an atmosphere is in favor of both nations and will encourage peace and stability in both countries and the region.

We are optimistic that such visits will lead to the implementation of those promises which government of Pakistan has made in a cooperative spirit in all trilateral, bilateral and multilateral meetings on ensuring Afghan peace and stability.

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