Press Release on brutal massacre in Seyad District of Sar Pul

The ruthless terrorists added to their record of barbarous crimes by mercilessly killing the children, women and civilians in Seyad District of Sar Pul, ostensibly violating human rights and constituting war crimes.

These brutal criminals, who have been defeated by our brave ANDSF in direct confrontations, are now turning their murderous weapons at the innocent civilians, women, children and sacred locations. 

Such wicked acts committed by the terrorists reveal their true identity which consequently breeds the hatred of the ordinary people against them.

The National Unity Government strongly condemns this terror attack, assuring the people that the culprits will not be spared at any corner of Afghanistan. The incident will be investigated and the criminals will be brought to justice.

The President expresses his condolences and sympathies to the victims’ families, praying for a high rank to the martyred in Paradise and speedy recovery to the wounded. 

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