Zabuli elders and influential people support government programs

Zabuli elders and influential people support government programs

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received Zabuli elders and influential figures, Monday afternoon.

Tribal elder Haji Malakhail aired his views and supported government programs. He said, “People of Zabul support Afghan-owned peace dialogues and welcome Hezb-I Islami for joining the peace process.”

He added, “People of Zabul cooperate with the Government. The residents of Khak-e-Afghan district have revolted against the terrorists and have driven them out of the districts. He reaffirmed that they will never ever allow terrorists to operate at any part of Zabul.”

He asked the people of Zabul to support the Government in order that the Government will be assisted not only in preventing destructive groups from operating but also in implementing development programs. He added that the people cooperate with the government to build peace.

Chairman of Zabul Tribes Council Haji Abdulwali Wali said, “The people of Zabul have always supported the Government and they are still supporting Government programs, adding that the Government should focus more of its attention on Zabul because the province has useful development opportunities.”

He said, “Zabul is an agriculturally favorable location and the Government has to create marketing opportunities for its fruit and products.” 

He mentioned water resources in Zabul and said, “The province has three rivers. If the water of these rivers is harnessed, it will improve agriculture there.”

Abdulwali demanded construction of dams in Zabul and said, “The provincial administration especially the education department and municipality are in dire need of reforms.” He asked the President to focus on significant reforms in these institutions.

Zahra Tokhi Zabuli Representative of Zabuli people in the Parliament said, “People of Zabul don’t allow any terrorist outfit to operate in the province. He assured the President that the people support the Government especially in the peace-building process.”

Member of provincial council of Zabul Asadullah Kaakar said, “Ulema of Kandahar province recently supported the Afghan-led peace process in a large gathering.”

Later, President Ghani praised the move of Zabuli elders and influential personalities who called on the President with a message of peace. The President told them, “With driving terrorists out of your province, you proved your intrepidity.”

The President said, “The Government wants to proceed with the peace process through consultation with national elders and influential people till peace is built which is a burning desire of our people.” He added, “The key to success lies in your hands, your role proves effective in peace-building.”

On creating marketing opportunities for agricultural products, the President told them, “The transportation of fruit from Kandahar to India via aerial corridor will be launched soon and with this, market for Afghan fruit will be expanded.”

The President said, “Water pools in Zabul possess abundant water and I will direct my advisor Abdul Hameed Helmandi to work on this ‘issue’ in coordination with the concerned sector.” He assured the people of Zabul that the city of Qalat is being particularly heeded and that the provincial administration will be earnestly reformed.

President Ghani asked the elders and influentials to come up with recommendations for building peace which will be utilized in the peace process. 

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