About High Commission For Migration


Recommended by Minister of Refugees and Repatriations, the recommendation for establishment of High Commission for Migration (National High Board) was discussed and approved in Cabinet meeting of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held on 15 April 2015.

High Commission for Migration has been established with a view to formulate policies and initiate cooperation to, making the most of the prevalent domestic capacity, re-integrate and peacefully accommodate internally displaced people and those refugees returning to homeland on their own will. With its mission being the end, the Commission is assigned to manage affairs related to refugees, provide rights and social services to refugees and those returning to the country and particularly garner aid from countries especially those hosting the refugees.


Objectives of High Commission for Migration


  • To initiate national and international vision and will for properly and effectively managing affairs related to refugees and internally displaced people
  • To approve short, medium and long term policies for the refugees and internally displaced people
  • To decide on reaching bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements with world countries on issues related to refugees and those returning back to the homeland
  • To approve all-inclusive plans and policies aimed at the gradual return of the refugees, their accommodation and creation of employment opportunities for them
  • To decide on addressing problems faced by returning refugees
  • To facilitate implementation of strategies aimed at solving problems
  • To establish a fund-raising deposit for financial support of the returning refugees
  • To make decisions regarding framing of policies which lead to motivation of Afghan specialists to return homeland and serve the Afghan people in different areas
  • To follow up activities of ministries and member institutions of High Commission for Migration in every meeting