About High Council for Administrative Reforms


In order to properly manage the system of civil services, High Council for Administrative Reforms has been established in accordance with the Constitution and other enacted domestic laws to approve essential elements of policies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Objectives of High Council for Administrative Reforms:


  • To review the need of bringing about essential reforms in the organizational structures of government institutions, more specifically those institutions providing essential services
  • To approve necessary strategies and policies for the civil services system of Afghanistan and to create a sustainable, independent, de-politicized and professional system
  • To create and approve establishment of a general management system for the recruitment of civil service employees ultimately resulting in professionalizing of the system and attaining trust of the people
  • To approve policies on necessary rules and regulations of the civil service system and to oversee adherence to those rules and regulations across the country
  • To establish management system vested with evaluating performance of civil service employees
  • To approve an effective, reliable, and transparent mechanism to redress grievances of civil service employees
  • To develop national policies enhancing capacities of the employees
  • To organize mechanism of remunerating continuous salaries and payable privileges to civil service employees