About High Council on Land and Water


For the purpose of properly managing state-owned land and providing effective services in this regard, Afghanistan’s Directorate of Land proposed the establishment of High Council on Land and Water to Presidential Palace of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the grounds of its five-year strategy. The creation of the Council was approved on 08 April 2015 upon release of Administrative Order No. 3 in line with Article 63 of the Constitution. The Council was created for a series of purposes such as approval of reforms and policies related to land and water affairs as well as full and effective implementation, supporting and overseeing of those policies. The Council is also charged with fostering cooperation among government, private and donor institutions. Finally, the Council is responsible for resolving issues related to usurped private and government property and the design and implementation of large national projects in this respect.


Objectives of High Council on Land and Water:


  • To approve policies pertaining to reforms of affairs related to farming and water as well as supervising and supporting the effective implementation of those policies
  • To initiate cooperation among government institutions, private sector and donor entities in the sector of farming and water
  • To address main issues and retake usurped private and government land
  • To facilitate mapping out and implementation of large national projects