Haram Sara

[Not a valid template] As the name implies, the places was dedicated for residence of the kling’s family. Haram Sara Palace has two floors inclusive of 7 small and large rooms, laundry room, tailing room, a large cinema hall, large basement behind which Masjid of the Arg was located. Beside of Haram Sara, a large dining hall was constructed of which walls are decorated with woods and beautiful paintings. Haram Sara comprises 8 rooms which are currently designated for Baba Mellat (Father of the nation) and his family. 

The second floor contains the rooms used for the president’s meetings, a small library as well as a meeting hall which are decorated with lapis lazuli miniature and paintings. Also, stone statues and swords belonging to ancestors of His Highness are kept inside the miniature and ancient closets which are positioned on the walls.

During the term of Mohammad Nadir Khan, the area of Haram Sara was expanded. Carpets and decorative objects which were looted during the battles, were purchased and returned back to Haram Sara. During the Kingdom of Mohammad Zahir Shah, a dining hall, pool, and a number of more suitable rooms were constructed within the area of Haram Sara.

During the following states namely states of Mohammad Dawood Khan, Taraki, Amin, Karmal and Najibullah, no certain changes have been brought to the palace. Subsequent to Saur 5, 1371 and during fractional wars, the building of Haram Sara was severely damaged. Haram Sara was reconstructed in the term of Hamid Karzai, the former President.