Presidential Decree on assigning delegation to probe condition of Herat’s prison

Appointment of a delegation presided over by Mr. Sayed Murad Sharifi, director of Monitoring on Implementation of the Authoritative Courts’ Final Decisions, is approved to comprehensively probe the status of Herat’s prison and evaluate its prisoners’ complaints.

The delegation includes following members:
1. Lieutenant General Abdul Aleem Kohistani, director of Ministry of Interior Affairs’ Prisons;
2. Esteemed Dr. Abdul Rauf Herawi, Ministry of Justice’s head of Legislation;
3. Esteemed Prosecutor Muhibullah;
4. Mr. Mawlawi Barakzai, head of Herat province’s peace council;
5. Mr. Mujaddadi, head of Herat province’s Conflict Resolution Council;
6. Mr. Saad Khatibi, head of Herat province’s Chambers of Commerce;
7. Mr. Abdul Majid Barakzai
8. Mr. Sayed Ahmad, member of Herat province’s Council of Ulema;
9. Ms. Sharifa Shahab, member of Herat province’s Human Rights Commission;
10. Mr. Kaka Aziz Khan, member of Herat province’s Peace Council; and
11. Mr. Khalil Parsa, head of Herat province’s Civil Society Network.

The delegation is obliged to precisely probe status and recent incidents of Herat’s prison, within 48 hours, and present their written report, along with certain suggestions for improvement and betterment of the prison’s status, to the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

Herat’s Governor Office and security bodies of the province are assigned ensure the security of the delegation by all means and provide required facilities for implementation of related tasks.

Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat will provide civil air transportation facility for the delegation.