Dilgosha Palace

[Not a valid template]Construction of Dilgosha, which is one of the most spectacular and beautiful palaces in the Arg, was started when Amir Habibullah Khan returned home from India in 1290 Hijri Shamsi. The palace was inaugurated and exploited in 1914. Dilgosha Palace was built on an area of 600 square meters where its rooms’ height reaches to 10 meters. Other portions of this palace consist of halls for the Cabinet’s sessions, meetings, dining, waiting as well as a tearoom and a chain elevator. The rooms at Dilgosha, which are decorated with attractive miniature and paintings, are 20 meters long and 9 meters wide.

During the reign of King Amanullah Khan, Dilgosha was the palace in which special ceremonies were held. The king’s long trip to the Europe started from Dilgosha Palace with special ceremonies. Also, King Amanullah Khan announced his abdication in Dilgosha in order to prevent bloodshed. In the term of His Highness Nadir Shah, he utilized Dilgosha as his working office where important sessions were held in. During the term of His Highness Zahir Shah, foreign guests were received in this palace.