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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Herat

Area: 61315 Km2

Related Zone: East

Center: Herat City


Herat province is located in eastern Afghanistan, sharing border with Iran in its east and with Turkmenistan in its north. Herat is also linked with Badghes, Ghor and Farah provinces.



Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council (19 members)

17 members in Parliament

Administrative units are active in all districts of Herat. The courts provide services to the people. Apart from government institutions, there are hundreds of NGOs, nearly a thousand civil entities and five consulates operating in this province



After Helmand province, Herat ranks second in size. The tribes living there are Pashtuns, Tajik, Hazara, Aimaq, and other minor tribes. According to population, the province ranks second with a population of 3 Mil.

The languages spoken in Herat are Pashto and Dari.

More than 80% of connecting roads have been built which are well-maintained.


Number of Districts  

Herat province has 15 districts: Anjel, Guzara, Adraskan, Woba, Pashtun Zarghon, Chesht-E-Sharif, Zinda Jan, Shindand, Ghoryan, Farsi, Karokh, Koshk e robat sangi, Koshk Kohna, Kohsan, and Gulran.

90% people of this province have access to mobile services and all of its districts are connected to the center through digital telephones.


Context In terms of location, resources, revenues, and tourism, Herat province is of immense importance to Afghanistan.

Salt, marbles, stucco, coal, cement and other construction materials constitute main mines of this province.

Currently, there are 100 factories functioning in industrial cities of this province which produce different items.