High Council on Land and Water Members

Composition of High Council Land and Water:


Chief Executive

Special Envoy of the President for Reforms and Good Governance

Senior Advisor to the President on Infrastructure

Advisor to the President on Natural Resources and Environment

Minister of Energy and Water

Minister of Mines and Petroleum

Minister of Finance

Minister of Economy

Minister of Justice

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

Minister of Water and Energy

Minister of Urban Development and Housing

Ministry of Finance

Head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance

Head of Afghanistan Independent Directorate of Land

Deputy of Policy and Strategic Planning of Administrative Office of the President

Advisor to the President for Agricultural Affairs

Representative of the Private Sector

Representative of the Civil Society

Head of Canalization and Water Supply

Head of Capital Zone


The permanent members of the Council meet once a month in a rotational manner as per the approved procedures.