President Ghani attends 2020 Future Force Conference

President Ghani attends 2020 Future Force Conference

President Ashraf Ghani participated this morning at 2020 Future Force Conference addressing a theme, “Strengthening and Reforms of Afghanistan National Defense and Security forces” at the Presidential Palace.

President Ashraf Ghani during his remarks praised the Afghan Defense and Security forces’ quick action on repelling the Taliban attack in Helmand and said timely deployment of the forces in Helmand and containing the attack is a demonstration of remarkable capability of the forces.

President Ghani stressed that dealing with the current context requires a new perspective. He added that Afghans need a legitimate government and called legitimate use of force an essential element to be able to safeguard the sovereignty and independence of the country.

The president said, the government is now experienced enough to trim unnecessary expenses and establish reforms within its structures. He underscored that resources should be properly allocated to better support forces in front lines of war and to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Senior defense and security officials of the Afghan government and the Resolute Support Mission-Afghanistan shared the progresses, recommendations and challenges during their remarks in the conference.

They said while the government’s financial policy on security forces remains unchanged, the conference mainly pursues the objective to discuss efforts and approaches for preparing proper reform mechanisms and transparent utilization of resources.

Dr. Hamdullah Mohib, the National Security Advisor, lauded the exceptional job by the Afghan Defense and Security forces, particularly repelling the recent attacks and stressed that the forces are currently conducting 96 percent of the operations and military activities.

Lieutenant General E. John Deedrick Commanding General of CSTC-A, Resolute Support Mission lauded the capabilities and progresses of the Afghan Defense and Security as well as Air Forces and expressed RSM is committed to train, advise and assist the ANDSF.