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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Kabul

Area: 4585 Km2

Related Zone: Center

Center: Kabul City

Geography Kabul is located in the center of the country sharing borders with Parwan in northwest, Kapisa in northeast, Laghman in east, Nangarhar in southeast, Logar in south and Maidan Wardak in southwest.
Governance Kabul is the Capital of the country

Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council

33 Members in Parliament, 25 Male and 8 Female

Population/People/Languages The total population of Kabul Province is 4372977.

As the capital of the country, all tribes are consisting the population.

Pashto and Dari are the spoken languages in Kabul.

Number of Districts Kabul Province has 14 districts, listed below:

Meer Bachakot,  Shakar Dara, Guldara, Kalakan, Farza, Istalif, Qara Bagh, Paghman, Musahee, Khak e Jabbar, Chahar Asyab, Bagrami, Sarobi and Deh Sabz.

Context Health and Education systems have been operating in Kabul.

There are 223 Government schools open for the students where 174030 boys and 99149 girls are studying.

There are 8 Government Institutes with 2 Government and 12 Private Higher education universities.

In Health sector, Kabul is the richest province in the country.

The main Mines found in Helmand province are listed below:






Other Construction related Mines ….