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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Khost

Area: 4029 Km2

Related Zone: South east

Center: Khost City

Geography Khost shares border in the north and east with Paktia province, while in south it borders with Paktika province and on the other side of the Duran Line the North Waziristan and Kurm Agency are located.
Governance Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council

5 Members in Parliament, 4 Male and 1 Female

Population/People/Languages The total population of Khost Province is 1.5 Million.

Pashtuns are consisting the Population of Khost Province.

Pashto is the spoken language in Khost.

Number of Districts Khost Province has 12 districts, listed below:

Ismail Khil and Mandozi, Nadir Shah Kot, Spira, Dwa Manda Shamal, Musa Khil, Qalandar, Tani, Gurbaz, Ali Shir Tirizai, Bak, Yaqoobi Sabari and Jaji Maidan.

Context Health and Education systems have been operating in Khost Province.

There are 349 Government and 59 Private schools open for the students where 211158 boys and 90012 girls are studying.

There are 6 Government Institutes with 1 Government and 4 Private Higher education universities.

There are 4234 Male and 199 Female teachers working on different level in Khost.

In Health sector, there are 49 Government and 5 Private sector health centers with 4 hospitals in Khost. As well as, there are 36 community health centers.

The main Mines found in Khost province are listed below:



Construction stones