Kuti Baghcha

[Not a valid template]Kuti Baghcha is known as the first internal palace, a two-floor building, which has been built in a round shape on 300 square meters area. The palace comprises 15 small, medium and large rooms. There are small and beautiful rooms on the second floor of which windows are opened toward several directions. 

Prior to coup against Sardar Dawood Khan, Sardar Abdul Wali Khan was living in Kuti Baghcha. Also, it is cited that sacred hair of the prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be upon Him), existed on eastern room of the second floor.  It is noteworthy that a part of the palace had been used as museum. The Shahi (related to king) Kitchen was located at south-east of the palace, which doesn’t exist today. Construction work of Kuti Baghcha palace came to an end in 1304 Hijri Qamari.