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Provincial Profile
Province in Brief Name of the Province: Maidan Wardak

Area: 10912 Km2

Related Zone: Central

Center: Maidan Shahr

Geography Kabul and Logar is located to the east of Maidan Wardak, Bamyan to the west, and Ghazni to the south and southwest, Parwan to the north while the province of Bamyan is located to its northwest. Weather of the province is generally cold but it is warm during summer season. However, its fall and winter are very cold because of heavy snowfall.
Governance Governor and two Deputies

Provincial Council

5 Members in Parliament

Population/People/Languages The total population of Maidan Wardak Province is 900000.

Six tribes (Tajik, Pashtun, Hazara) consist the Population.

Pashto and Dari are the spoken languages in Maidan Wardak.

Number of Districts Maidan Wardak has the 9 districts: Maidan Shahr, Central Behsod, Hisa-i-Awal Bihsud, Jalrez, Narkh, Said Abad, Chik, Gaghato, and Daimirdad.
Context Health, Education and agriculture systems have been operating in Maidan Wardak.

There are 427 schools open for the students where 157044 (girls and boys) are studying.

Higher Education system also operates. There are 7 institutes operating along with 4 high schools.

Health sector also provides services in Maidan Wardak. There are 60 medical facilities, 8 Hospitals, two medical training centers and two centers for treatment of addicted people.

The main Mines found in Maidan Wardak are Marbles and Stucco.