Members of Anti-Corruption Commission Swear in

Members of Anti-Corruption Commission Swear in

President Ghani attended the oath-taking ceremony of the five newly appointed members of the Anti-Corruption Independent Commission.

At the event, Dr. Fazel Fazly, AOP Director General read the presidential decree on the appointment of the members.

Based on the decree, all government ministries and offices are obliged to cooperate with the commission to enable them commence their responsibilities.

Homayoun Hamid, Maryam Zurmati and Abdul Qayum Nezami have been appointed as commission members for a period of six years and Sayed Mohammad Hashimi and Farokh Laqaa for three years.

President Ashraf Ghani extended congratulations to the newly-appointed members and wished them further success in their mission.

President Ghani stressed that the newly established Anti-Corruption Commission and the appointment of its members; is yet another significant step in the fight against corruption. 

President Ashraf Ghani said in accordance with the Law, the commission members are required to submit their first quarterly report to the National Assembly and share it with the people of Afghanistan and Office of the President.

President Ghani added that the commission members need to register and declare their assets as the officials assigned to make sure other officials have their assets registered and declared.

While assuring the commission members of the presidency’s full support, President Ghani expressed hope that the commission would be able to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Afghanistan as they will be dealing with a young society agonized and affected by corruption.

“Implementation of the Law is key, as nobody is above the law,” added President Ghani while underlining that the commission’s good performance will lead to enhancing the public trust to the government institutions.