Mosque of the Arg

This mosque was built during Amir Abd-ur Rahman Khan’s kingdom in one floor with 15X20 meter sides on an area of 300 square meter. The mosque, with the capacity of 250 people, is 9 meter high, and is covered with timbers from forests of Paktia.

During the Taliban period, an ablution room (Wadhu Khana) was built adjacent to the mosque, but it was collapsed after formation of the new administration due to not meeting standards which led to construction of another ablution room to the west of Char Chenar Palace. Along with renovation of Char Chenar, the ablution room was collapsed and a modern one with the capacity of 40 people was built on basement of Char Chenar.

During the Taliban period, a mosque with the capacity of 300 people was constructed on an area of 300 square meters on the south of Dilgosha Palace.