National Security Council Meeting Urges on Improving Highways’ Security

National Security Council Meeting Urges on Improving Highways’ Security

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, chaired the regular meeting of National Security Council.

At the outset, Interior Minister Noorulhaq Olumi briefed the meeting on the findings of the delegation that was sent to Badakhshan province to investigate the concerns over smuggling of lapis lazuli. The Interior Minister reported that security forces stopped 64 vehicles in Jabul Saraj district of Parwan province that were carrying lapis lazuli, and moved them to Kabul Customs House.

The meeting decided that custom duties should be charged on the lapis lazuli moved to Kabul Customs House, and a comprehensive plan has to be developed for preventing the smuggling of lapis lazuli.

Afterwards, Acting Defense Minister explained his recommendations over amendment in Military Officers Code of Conduct.

President Ghani instructed that for promotion of combat units’ non-commission officers, a proper plan has to be prepared, and the amendment in Military Officers Code of Conduct should be coordinated with Ministry of Finance for the purpose of financial resources existence. The meeting also tasked Ministry of Interior to come up with the plan of amendment in Police Officers Code of Conduct in two weeks.

The National Security Council meeting also insisted on preventing the issuance of extraordinary ranks for the officers.

Later, Acting Defense Minister and Interior Minister presented the meeting with the plan of highways policy and moving the Border Police Structure to Ministry of Defense. After thorough discussions, the meeting decided on keeping the Border Police within the structure of Interior Ministry, and instructed MoI to prepare a plan of reforms in Border Police and present it to NSC.

Meanwhile, National Security Council urged on improving highways’ security and instructed coordination with the traders for preventing extortion.

To prevent corruption in Customs Police, Ministry of Interior was instructed to come up with a plan of relevant reforms.

Thanking the office of National Security Advisor and security sectors for preparing the policy and procedure of special operations, the NSC approved the relevant plan.

At the end of the meeting, the security sectors briefed the meeting over the security situation across the country, and it was decided that Army Corps Commanders and Provincial Police Chiefs should be invited to the next meetings of NSC upon need.

For improving security in Northern provinces, it was decided that close attention has to be paid on security of highways, the ring road in particular.