President Ghani chairs National Security Council Meeting

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani presided over National Security Council Meeting Tuesday evening at the Presidential Palace.

The meeting discussed the National Peace Strategy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The strategy focuses on political and strategic aspects of realizing lasting peace, definition of a clear mechanism for the peace process, and reforming the current structures and framework. The strategy also stresses on augmenting the role of women and civil society in the peace process, devising mechanisms for accountability and strengthening transparency, monitoring, credibility and effectiveness in the process.

This strategy was codified on the basis of lessons and experiences of the past to fit challenges and opportunities of the current times to initiate dialogue, forge national consensus, and facilitate preparation of a national peace plan.

Members of the National Security Council thanked the High Peace Council and stressed on continuation of the intra-Afghan peace process. Additionally, the Council also underscored the important role and cooperation of Afghan citizens in order for the High Peace Council to achieve this strategy, thus encouraged active public participation in the peace process.

After review of, and detailed discussions on the achievements as well as current and future plans of the High Peace Council, the National Security Council issued necessary directives. The NCS also decided that the National Peace Strategy will be presented in its next meeting.