New minister nominees officially introduced

New minister nominees officially introduced

President Ashraf Ghani officially introduced new cabinet nominees this morning at the Presidential Palace, while he was joined by first and second vice-presidents, the national security advisor and AOP director general.

According to a presidential decree, recited by the Director General of Administrative Office of the President in the event, the nominees were introduced to lead ministries of Justice, Transport, Borders and Tribal Affairs, Labor and Social Affairs, Refugees and Repatriation; Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Communication and Information Technology, Higher Education, Industry and Commerce, and Economy.

The nominees expressed gratitude to the government leadership and briefed on their future plans. They expressed commitment to work as one coherent team to ensure better service delivery to the people of Afghanistan.

President Ashraf Ghani in his remarks termed the government leadership a united, committed and like-minded team and called on the new cabinet nominees to set ‘better service delivery’ and ‘accountability’ as their priorities.

President Ghani said the nominees should concentrate on effective management of post-corona negative effects, spurring economic mobility and setting action plans with consideration to the constraints and limitations.

The president said upon establishment of peace, the government will have to bear a heavier responsibility to ensure better governance and improve the people’s living status.