President Ghani meets with Kandahar lecturers and teachers

President Ghani meets with Kandahar lecturers and teachers

President Ashraf Ghani met with school teachers and private and public university lecturers today afternoon in Kandahar and listened to their wants, problems and recommendations.

They also shared their recommendations and wants on distribution of land for teachers and lecturers, shortage of textbooks, capacity development in private higher education institutes, granting scholarships, job security mechanisms and promotions for lecturers of higher education institutions, and development of Kandahar University.

Kandahar University Chancellor said the university has enrolled students from across the country and has had significant achievements, asking the president to help in constructing of buildings for different departments and approve a special structure for its cadres.

President Ghani said that considering the prominence and reputation of Kandahar University, the current condition is not acceptable, saying that he will consider a special structure for the university cadres.

The president ordered the relevant authorities to urgently address the challenges of teachers in terms of shortage of textbooks and land distribution.

President Ghani also said that the government stands ready to facilitate land access for private higher education institutions in case they deliver quality services and meet the necessary criteria.