Elections is top national, political priority of government

Elections is top national, political priority of government

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting on elections today morning, Presidential Palace where set of elections-related issues including ensuring security at ID cards and voter registration centers, transferring of materials to provinces and districts, recommendation of political parties, raising public awareness and transparent recruitment of IEC staff at the capital and provinces was brought under discussion.

President Ghani, Second Vice-President Danesh and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah underscored that the elections should be held timely, calling the process as the top priority of the National Unity Government.

The participants praised the people’s participation in the voter registration process and called for providing all available facilities and raising public awareness on elections.

Representatives of donor countries while lauding the progress in registration process stressed on timely holding of the parliamentary and district council elections.

President Ghani reassured that he will continue to meet with political and national leaders and personalities. The President said he will reach out to religious scholars as well as representatives of higher education institutions, civil society, media and youth networks to seek their consultations for better implementation of the elections process.

The meeting was also seated by Government high-rank officials and ministers, ambassadors and representative of the political parties and the donor countries.