Influentials and elders of Badghis province vow their support for Government programs

Influentials and elders of Badghis province vow their support for Government programs

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the elders and influential personalities of Badghis province, Monday evening, Presidential Palace.

Abdul Razaq Sharafyar and Said Abdullah Nadimzoy spoke on behalf of the rest, articulating the demands, problems and needs of the people of Badghis province. They demanded economic growth and balanced development in their province.

The representatives pledged their support for the foreign policy adopted and the infrastructure and economic projects undertaken by the Government. They remarked that the implementation of massive regional projects will contribute to the improvement of social, security and political situation in Afghanistan.

President Ghani welcomed the elders and influential figures of Badghis province to the Palace and commended their stand on supporting the government programs. He said, “With the implementation of enormous development projects and the expansion of ring road and railways in Badghis province, changes will take place in the development sphere.”

The President thanked the people of Badghis for providing cooperation to the Government, underscoring that people play a significant role in building peace and stability. He said, “Districts located in the border will be particularly focused on and for this purpose, the ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has formulated their own programs to ensure balanced development.”

Alluding to the nationwide Citizens’ Charter program, the President emphasized that people living in the remote regions and districts of Afghanistan will enjoy prosperity once this program is fully executed. He asked the people to come up with and share their specific recommendations on the Citizens’ Charter and peace-building.