President Ghani and Indonesian Foreign Minister underscore strengthening mutual cooperation

President Ghani and Indonesian Foreign Minister underscore strengthening mutual cooperation

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the foreign minister of Republic of Indonesia Retno Marsudi and her delegation, Monday morning, Presidential Palace.

The meeting was attended by chairman of the High Peace Council Mohammad Kareem Khalili, foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani and Chief Secretary of the High Peace Council Dr. Mohammad Akram Khpalwak. Gleefully receiving the second high-ranking dignitary of the Indonesian Government, President Ghani extended a warm welcome to the Indonesian delegation headed by foreign minister Marsudi.

President Ghani said, “Afghanistan is interested in benefiting from the positive experiences of Indonesia for establishing enduring peace. The officials of the High Peace Council are set to visit Indonesia in the nearest where they will hold discussions with Indonesian government officials on how best we can benefit from the vast experiences of Indonesia.”

The President said that Ulema-to-Ulema interactions between the two countries, which have long been established should be further invigorated.

Thanking the Indonesian government for assisting and supporting Afghanistan, the President said that Afghanistan is interested in benefitting from the copious experiences of Indonesia in respect of women empowerment and economic development.

President Ghani spoke of the prevailing ample investment opportunities in Afghanistan and asked Minister Marsudi to persuade the Indonesian business community to travel to Afghanistan so as to be apprised of the investment opportunities.

Mohammad Kareem Khalili also warmly welcomed the Indonesian delegation to Afghanistan and told them, “I thank you for supporting the Afghan peace process and assuring us of your cooperation in this sphere. We are keen to utilize your experiences in different development fields particularly building enduring peace.”

Minister Retno Marsudi expressed gratitude for being warmly received and said that the Afghan-Indonesian friendship is not limited only to state-to-state relations between the two countries but that the peoples of the two nations have been blessed with friendly relations the roots of which trace back to the distant past.

Minister Marsudi reaffirmed continued support of the Indonesian government to Afghanistan, emphasizing the expansion of people-to-people interactions particularly among the Ulema.

She further stated that Indonesia stands ready to assist Afghanistan not only in women empowerment programs but also in the Afghan-led peace process.

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