President Ghani and Vice president Mike Pence speak via phone

President Ghani and Vice president Mike Pence speak via phone

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Vice president of the United States Mike Pence had a telephonic conversation Tuesday evening.

The two sides exchanged views over topics of mutual and regional interests. Issues that figured their conversation mainly revolved around implementation of the lately unveiled U.S strategy and its region-wide impact, reinforcement of the Afghan defense and security sector, counter-terrorism struggles, reforms, anti-corruptiom efforts, the peace process and conduct of elections.

Vice president Mike Pence reaffirmed their commitment, iterating that the people and government of the United States will continue staying together with and supporting the Afghan Government and people.

President Ghani thanked the Government and people of the United States for assisting the Afghan Government and people in different development realms, underscoring that such mutual cooperation should be augmented.

Vice president Mike Pence lauded the bravery and sacrifices of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces patriotically rendered for eradicating terrorism.

The two leaders talked further over ways of boosting mutual cooperation and assistance which can consequently contribute towards strengthening stability as well as  ensuring development in Afghanistan and the region.

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