President Ghani assesses security situation of four provinces

President Ghani assesses security situation of four provinces

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani talked with governors of Kunduz, Helmand, Kandahar and Farah provinces, commanders of Military Corpses 205, 207, 215 and Military Division 20 via a video conference in the National Unity Center, Tuesday evening.

These officials—civilian and military—updated the President on the security threats, their future plans, ways to defeat the enemies, encouraging cooperation between the military and civilian institutions and support of the people to the Defense and Security Forces. 

They assured the President of all-inclusive preparations for the protection of territorial integrity, defense of Afghanistan and vanquishing the enemies. Officials of Helmand and Kunduz provinces said that security threats have been removed and that heavy casualties have been afflicted on Taliban during military operations.  

Also, they put forward suggestions to the President on re-constructing bridges and reinforcing subdivisions of the local administration.

The President thanked them for their activities and reiterated that they should make further efforts and not rest on their laurels.

Referring to a clear definition between friend and enemy, the President instructed these officials not to allow enemies to carry out any destructive activities. He stressed that those who have resorted to violence against our people or are engaged in business of drugs should be annihilated like Taliban.

The President added that three administrative subdivisions will be activated very soon in Kunduz province. He also said that facilities and financial resources will be considered for airport of the mentioned province.

High ranking Defense and Security officials attended this video conference. 

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