President Ghani introduces head of IDLG Mateen Baig to the staff

President Ghani introduces head of IDLG Mateen Baig to the staff

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani introduced head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance “IDLG” Mateen Baig to the staff, wishing him success in the field of good governance.

The induction ceremony, attended by high ranking government officials and MPs, was held in IDLG compound.

Speaker of Wolesi Jirga Abdulrauf Ibrahimi thanked the President for inducting Mateen Baig head of IDLG. He hoped that Mateen Baig would represent the youth in the field of good governance through utilizing his previous experiences. He assured Mateen Baig of his support.

President Ghani said, “I am pleased that the new Afghan generation, a historically important one, assumes government positions which will be an important step in connecting the public with the government.” He added, “We belong to that generation who experienced the storms which were beyond our control, but you are the generation who will be honored by the coming Afghan generations. You are the defenders of stability, national unity and solidarity among the brotherly ethnicities.”

President Ghani regarded IDLG as a medium for bridging the Presidential Palace with the people. He said that provincial and district governors and mayors, headed by IDLG act as an important medium of connection.

The President expressed that the outdated organizational culture adopted by the government institutions should change in such a way that public services are provided in each and every corner of Afghanistan.

Speaking of IDLG’s role in law enforcement, the President said, “The IDLG has to develop crucial ties and cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office, Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice and other relevant entities such as the Audit office because this country can be integrated through rule of law.” He wished Mateen Baig a fruitful incumbency.

Mateen Baig thanked the President for believing in him. He assured the President of properly carrying out the tasks entrusted to him.

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