President Ghani receives British High Commissioner to Pakistan

President Ghani receives British High Commissioner to Pakistan

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew, Wednesday morning, Presidential Palace.

Praising President Ghani’s competent leadership, Commissioner Drew said that the peace offer proposed to the Taliban and launch of the state-to-state dialogue with Pakistan during the Kabul Process – Conference II have brought a  positive change in the environment.

Thomas Drew remarked that the launch of state-to-state dialogue between the two countries is a positive step and reaffirmed UK’s support to the dialogue initiation.

President Ghani underscored that peace is the key demand of the Afghan people and a top priority for the Afghan Government. He added, “We stand ready to do anything possible to achieve a peaceful and prosperous living environment for our people.”

The President said that the Afghan Government is prepared to resolve all issues with Pakistan through the state-to-state negotiation mechanism. He stressed the need for building trust between Afghanistan and Pakistan to provide prosperity and peaceful living to peoples of both countries.