President Ghani receives Russian Federation National Security Advisor

President Ghani receives Russian Federation National Security Advisor

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received Russian Federation national security advisor Nikolai Patrushev and his delegation Tuesday morning, Presidential Palace.

The two sides discussed a wide range of topics of mutual and regional importance, namely bolstering up bilateral ties, containing terrorism and eradicating the threats stemming from it and stimulating regional cooperation on economy and transit.

Mr. Nikolai Patrushev conveyed his condolences to the Afghan people and Government over the recent spate of malicious terror attacks and thanked the Afghan Government for warmly receiving him. He said that the purpose of his visit to Afghanistan is aimed at meeting Afghan officials at different government levels in order to discuss ways of expanding mutual relations.

President Ghani said, “The Afghan Government has taken practical actions to encourage good relations with all countries including Russia. Measures have been taken to initiate dialogues and to foster good relations with countries in the region in different dimensions.”

Mr. Patrushev said that Russia hopes for a stable Afghanistan, standing ready to provide all possible cooperation to the Afghan Government in the struggle against terrorism. He said that Russia aspires to promote good relations and economic cooperation with Afghanistan which are essential for building peace and stability.

Thanking Mr. Patrushev for his remarks, the President said, “Afghanistan welcomes furthering mutual cooperation in different spheres particularly economy and transit and your role is important in these areas.” He said, “I hope your visit to Afghanistan will usher in promoting relations and cooperation between the two countries.”

President Ghani said, “Our goal is to enhance bilateral and multilateral relations with Russia which are based on mutual interests. Afghanistan and Russia will jointly eradicate the menaces facing both countries.”

He said, “A stable and developed Afghanistan is for the good of all countries in the region and we want the consensus which has already been forged on stimulating economic and commercial cooperation, to be further developed.”   The President said, “Afghanistan has developed solid relations with countries in the region on combatting terrorism and encouraging transit and economic cooperation.”

The President emphasized, “Terrorism is a medium-term threat not only for Afghanistan but for the whole region and the world, the tackling of which requires a collective struggle grounded in a unified strategy while no distinction of good or bad is maintained. The sharing of Russian Federation experiences and information are very useful in contending with terrorism specifically those groups that threaten security in Afghanistan and the region.”

President Ghani stated, “Afghanistan is standing in the first line of the struggle against terrorism and our valiant Security and Defense Forces are fighting this phenomenon with ultimate heroism. Our Forces have been emboldened compared to the past with our Air Force being multiplied three times. We want to root up this malignant phenomenon (terrorism).”

The President concluded, “Afghanistan has emphasized boosting regional cooperation in different realms and we have succeeded in promoting bilateral and multilateral relations with regional partners in several domains. We are looking forward to bolstering up such relations with Russia too.”

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